Most memberships charge an annual fee. Under national organizations that have individual chapters, it is normal to have two fees, one at the national level and one at the local level or one fee that covers both. Renewal fees may vary from original fees so make sure you understand what they are so there are no surprises. Obviously monies received by a nonprofit organization are required by law to be reinvested back in. Organizations for profit are not required to do so and it is up to their board to determine where the money goes. With either type of organization please ask to see in writing proof of where and how their monies have been spent i.e. budgets and complete annual income and expense statements. Also with for profit organizations ask for a disclosure of how much or what percentage has been reinvested back into the organization, how it has been spent and what each chapter and each individual member receives for their membership not only up front but on a continual basis. Knowing where your money is going and the benefit you will receive is important upfront information.


Diva Angels, Inc. national fee is $20 initially to join with a $15 annual renewal fee. Local chapter fees are $15 per year with $15 annual renewal fees.
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