As in marriages, personal relationships, businesses and most walks of life, the means of communication can either make or break a relationship of any kind especially in group situations. It is extremely frustrating if someone is limited solely to e-mail correspondence or corresponding through a general web site or a general telephone number with an answering machine as the only means to get a response when you have a question or concern. In that case if the e-mail or call sent is not answered at all, not answered in a timely fashion or answered in a way that requires more questions to understand, the member is left frustrated and builds up feelings over time that their thoughts are either not being heard at all, not seen as important or not being responded to in a satisfactory manor. The most effective forms of communication are through several methods simultaneously: an efficient e-mail system with timely and accurate responses, direct telephone exchanges, meetings, events and group open discussions at both the local and national level. Local members should for the most part have all methods available to them and at least all officers and directors of the local chapter should have these methods available at the national level as well. Organizations with closed meetings and limited and restricted communication to their members and chapters will eventually produce frustration within the membership themselves. All members within an organization at both the local and national level want to feel that their voices are being heard and they are appreciated as members.

Diva Angels, Inc. believes in communication and have available a combination of sources including direct phone numbers and e-mail addresses of officers, complete phone and e-mail list of all members at the local level, a national web site with e-mail and phone contact information available, monthly meetings that are always open to all members as well as guests and regular activities that encourages group communication and sharing of ideas.
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