Before completing the online member application, we would like you come to a local chapter meeting first to check us out. Once you are certain that you would like to join the Diva Angels and become a member, complete the chapter application then we will send you a link to the online form for convenience or you can download the PDF form to print, complete, and hand in at the next local meeting.

You can find a local meeting contacting a chapter director in your area or by visiting any of the chapter pages to find out when and where their meetings are held.


If you are in an area where there are NO local Diva Angel chapters, then you are welcome to join as a Nomad member.  We still encourage you to start a chapter in your local area if possible.


This is required for members who want to maintain their Diva Angel status and membership. There is a statute of limitation on renewing. You have up to 60 days after the 1st of January to renew without letting your membership lapse. If you have any questions about this, please refer to the member guidelines below or contact Helene Miller
This is a PDF application that you have to download, print out, manually fill out, and mail to the address located at the bottom of the form along with a check or money order.  This application process takes longer that's why we recommend using the online form if possible.
The same renewal application as above but slower processing.

This document is only available to members with a login.

It is highly recommended that all members and perspective members download these guidelines to avoid any misunderstandings and to refer to when general group questions arise. These guidelines are subject to change as the organization continues to grow and evolve.

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