What is a NOMAD? The definition of NOMAD generally found in dictionaries is:  A member of a group of people who have no fixed home who roams about; a wanderer. 



In the women's biker world we have discovered that there are many individuals who would like to be members of Diva Angels but there is not a chapter yet in their area for them to join. We believe that by forming a chapter especially for these specific individuals to join they will no longer feel like a wanderer and will have a place they can always call home! Theoretically this fits the description of a Nomad so we thought it would be the perfect name for this new, unique, exciting and first of it's kind chapter offered to women both nationally and around the world! It is an opportunity to become a member of Diva Angels under the Nomad Chapter until an area chapter is formed. 
The Nomad Chapter has a national director, sends regular e-mail lists of chapter members, encourages communication between the members along with offering support. The chapter does not hold regular physical meetings but Nomad Chapter members are always welcome at other chapter meetings as guests and fellow members. 


Along with the Diva Angel Gear and Accessories available through our web site, they also have available their own Diva Angel Nomad Chapter Logo to customize their own shirts and accessories if desired. Nomad Chapter Members can participate, mingle and get to know members of other chapters at large bike events where we currently organize Diva Angel get togethers such as Bike Week in Daytona, Biketoberfest, Leesburg Bike Festival and more. We also have plans for future national activities as well which all chapters will be invited to attend and participate in. The goal of Nomad members is to eventually form individual chapters in their areas but in the meantime they are already a member of a chapter of Diva Angels and part of the Diva Angels Family!
Contact Lexe Usher for more information.
German diva Donna D. & Melissa R. from Germany with Donna's friend Gudrun as an interpreter.


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