Diva Angels Member Guidelines

MISSION STATEMENT - To share in the love of biking and develop a special bond and camaraderie that is solely unique to women. Assist in empowering and enabling other women to ride and help them experience the joy that biking brings. Promote safety and responsible driving and set a good example in the community. Help others who are less fortunate than ourselves through fundraising events. And never, ever forget the fact that WE ARE HERE TO HAVE FUN AND RIDE!

1. Any and all concerns and questions should be taken up with your Chapter Director. If further help or escalation is needed, contact a National Board Officer directly before taking it public.

2. All Chapter group e-mails will be sent either from the Chapter Director, Assistant Director, or Activities Director. Individual members are not allowed to send group e-mails. Those should be sent first to the Director for both approval and distribution, if acceptable. No use of the member contact list, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers etc. for solicitation purposes is permitted. Violation of this is grounds for member termination. Emails should be delivered through blind copy (BCC) at member request.

3. Always remember that you are representing all Diva Angels in public and should conduct yourselves with the moral standards that we represent.

4. Our national logo and your local chapter logo are to be used for marketing and shirts. It should not be altered in any way. If you choose to design a logo of your own, please forward your designs to the National Board for approval.

5. All new members sign an event release waiver with their application. Remember that whenever anyone (other than a member) rides with the group in a Diva Angel ride that they need to sign either an adult or minor event release form.

6. We are a 501 (c) (7) tax exempt social club, organized for pleasure, recreation and other non-profitable purposes, a membership organization primarily supported by dues, fees, charges or other charges paid by our membership. When a chapter is considering support of a charity – please remember said charity is to be recognized as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity. Donations to other charities can be made via non-cash collections (donations of items).

7. Chapter treasury money from member contributions usage per 501 (c) (7) federal rules: • Treasury money must benefit its membership. • Cannot use treasury money to give to charity as the monies are counted against membership benefit unless the monies collected and given are less than 5% of annual gross revenue. • Treasury must receive at least 65% of its funding from its membership (dues, swag sales etc) - the organization is allowed to receive 35% of its funding from outside sources like fundraising as long as the funds raised are used to benefit the organization's members.

8. Members must join local chapter within 60 days after joining national. Membership to the National Diva Angel Organization is a requirement to join at any local chapter level. National dues can be paid on-line at divaangels.org or mailed to the National Treasurer. Local dues should be paid to the Chapter Director or Treasurer. A new member is a person that has never been a member of the Diva Angels. If a person returns after being absent for a year or more, she is still considered a ‘renewal’ member. New member dues: National $30.00; Local $20.00. Dues are waived the following year if the new member signs up in the last quarter of the year. (October 1 – December 31). Renewal member dues: National $20.00; Local $20.00. Renewal dues should be paid by the end of February each year.

9. Attendance at monthly meetings is not a required but is encouraged for all members. Having a motorcycle is NOT a requirement.

10. When attending group activities, please wear Diva Angel apparel.

11. When group rides occur, KSU (Kick Stand Up) means that is the departure time. It is advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to KSU with a full tank of gas.

12. Each Chapter Director has a full copy of our Policies and Procedures handbook. If you have any further questions regarding policies, please talk with your Chapter Director.

13. NO TOLERANCE POLICY: Negative attitudes and destructive criticism and behavior will not be tolerated within our organization. Any criticism should be handled in a constructive way through the proper channels. Positive synergy is extremely important within each chapter and originates within each individual member. Our organization’s by laws allow us to terminate a membership at any time. No one person, including officers and directors are exempt from this policy. A breech of this policy can result in member termination. A warning would be issued first to the member and if the behavior continues, their membership will be terminated. It is an honor and privilege to be a Diva Angel.